Tuesday, 3 July 2012

2012 - The year of Great Britain?

Over a billion people will watch this years London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

And what has Danny Boyle decided would be the best design for the grand occasion? 70 grazing sheep and a cricket field.

The aim of the opening ceremony is to show Britain "through the ages" and will feature 13,000 props including a giant chimney , fake clouds , real farmyard animals as well as maypoles and a mosh pit. There is a part of me that wants to shake Danny Boyle by the shoulders and scream "What are you doing? the Olympics isn't about sheep!" but there is another part of me that thinks the idea is nothing short of genius; everyone loves a trip to the farm , right?

It is expected to be one of the largest opening ceremonies ever created and the pressure on the organisers , the athletes and the British people is really started to mount. After last years riots involving the cast of Jeremy Kyle and a 6000% increase in the sale of baseball bats , we need to regain some dignity and show that although us Brits love a buy one get one free offer , the "buy one and loot the rest" deal was a merely a minor blip.

London may be beautiful but is it ready for the Olympics?
However, the highly anticipated Olympics is not the only reason why the worlds eye is set firmly on Great Britain at the moment. Prince William and Kate Middleton's small , quiet wedding has also helped to draw focus to England , with people travelling all over the world to join in the celebrations. The weeks leading up to the wedding started the buzz around GB; union jacks were cropping up in every shop window and a mass production of Royal Family masks means you could bump into a Royal on almost any street in Britain. 

What a flattering neck line William!

Add the Queen's diamonds jubilee to the mix and you have 3 events that will be remembered in history all in the space of 18 months. Coincidence? Although I like to believe the Queen is an old dear and not some sort of conspiring ninja , there's no denying that recent royal events have boosted British morale that will surely have created more support for the London Olympics.

Coincidence or not , it is about time Britain got some luvvin'. Apart from a few teeny tiny issues , like the fact no one has enough money...or jobs and our children weigh more than the cows their Happy Meals are derived from; it really isn't a shabby place to live. 

Lets hope team GB does us proud in the Olympics and Kate Middleton starts eating for two -  the bank holidays will just keep on rolling.

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